La Cantera institute in partnership with KAPLAN Medical presents you with a 7-month prep course that prepares you for the USMLE Step 1 exam at a discounted rate 45% cheaper than the regular rate!

Kaplan provides a live onsite program option that allows you travel to the U.S prior to the exam and study with other Medical graduates from all over the world. This option is perfect for recent graduates who are looking to do their residency and practice in the U.S.

Begin your residency in the US.

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The Study Program

The program allows you study in any of the 6 KAPLAN medical study centres located in the United States for a period of 7 months which will include 7 weeks of intensive lectures with elite medical professionals and lecturers to prepare you for the exam, and help you learn on a structured schedule and master challenging topics.

You will enjoy comfortable and convenient locations with fast internet, quiet labs, and support from staff and peers. Sign up for any of our free Events, Samples and advising

How it works

Joining the study program is made easy for internationals with several start dates available within a year, accommodation search assistance and flexible payment plans.

Register online choosing your preferred study centre in the United States

Pay the admission application fee

Submit all your required documents

Pay the Course Fee

Apply for your US Visa

Begin your studies in the US within 4 months